Free Project Status Report Template

You will know that project sponsors are looking for regular reports if you are involved in any type of project.
Today, I have something to help you make your life easier. This template is a free project status report template. It is based upon one I use for weekly updates to my manager, team, and myself.
It can be adapted to cover things that your colleagues would love to hear.

Why is status reporting important?
How to use this free template for project status
What is a project status report template?
Three Quick Tips for Project Status Reporting
Who should receive the Status Update from the Project Manager?
What format should status reports take?
How do I obtain the template?
What if I need additional reporting help?

Why is status reporting important?
It is vital to report on the status of the project. This will allow you to show your client or sponsor what has happened and what is coming up.
This is your chance to show off the progress you have made and to raise any concerns. It can help people understand the decisions that need to be made. It can also be used as a communication tool for the common things that project customers want to understand, such as when we will meet the dates. What is the cost of this?
This is what people really want to learn, right?
How to use this free template for project status
Register to access the Resource Library. I’ll send you a link to the resource library, where you can download the template. The template is a simple progress update report. It is designed to show what you have done in the past week and what you plan on doing going forward. It is best used as a project status email template. This allows you to send regular updates to stakeholders.
There are not many boxes to fill out. You can send me my reports via email. Copy and paste the text and set it to send on Friday.
Reporting on project status shouldn’t be difficult. If your project management software doesn’t automatically generate a status report, you will have to do it manually. However, you don’t want to spend too much time on it each week.
This PDF report template is a simple way to keep your management team (either your line manager, or project sponsor) informed about the work you are doing. You can use it as a status email template you can edit to suit your project progress.
Regular reporting is a great way to allow people to relax. When they feel confident that you have everything under control (and you do), managers who tend to hover around you will start to give you more space.
What is a project status report template?
A status reporting template is designed to save time when reporting on project status.
Your Project Management Office will likely have a template that you must use. If you don’t have a template that you are required use, you will need to create your own reporting method.
Templates can help you do this. The format is already set up for you so you can simply add the content each week or every month. Next time, you can simply take the old version and make an update (or save it with a new date or manage the version control in another way so that your historical reports don’t get overwritten).
This template contains:
This week’s progress
Next week, progress expected
You can also tell the team about other things.

It’s that easy. A summary statement or comment about the overall status of the report would be a good idea.
You can also add sections to make the document more meaningful and cover the topics that your customer or sponsor is most interested in. You can use this example:
Budget position
Further information on the upcoming deadlines is available in the f