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Home >FAQsFAQsFrequently Asked Questions for the Open Directory Project.Q. How Old Is the Open Directory Project (UK)?A. The Directory Was First Launched in the Middle of 2008.Q. Is the Open Directory Project (UK) free to Submit Your Site to for Consideration?A. Yes, We Are 100% Free.
Q. What Types of Websites Do You Accept and What Do You Reject?A. We Basically Accept Any Quality Sites That Offer Useful Information to Its Users. We Don’t Accept Websites That Are And Copies of Others That Are Already Available on the Net. And We Certainly Don’t Accept Websites That Contain Violence, Racism, Animal Cruelty, Pornography Or Anything Illegal Etc.Q. Do You Allow Spam, Keywords in the Title Or Keyword Stuffing in the Description?A. No We Don’t. We Will Reject Any Site That Uses These Tactics.Q. What Is the Privacy and Cookie Policy for This Directory?A. Please Visit the Privacy and Cookie Policy Page for More Details.Q. Is There a Paid Option Which Guarantees Your Site Will Be Listed In This Directory?A. No. There Is No Paid Option, and There Are No Guarantees Your Site Will Appear In the Directory.Q. I’ve Submitted My Site for Consideration, How Long Will It Take to Appear in the Directory?A. Providing Your Site Meets the Requirements and You Have Written a Proper Description, It Will Be Anything from a Few Days to a Few Weeks at the Maximum.Q. Do You List, NoFollow or DoFollow Links?A. All Links Are DoFollow And Are Counted by Search Engines.Q. Is This Directory Search Engine Friendly?A. Yes, Absolutely. We Have a Sitemap, Which Is Submitted to Major Search Engines like Google and Bing.Q. Is This Directory Part of Any Other Directories?A. No. This Is the Only Directory, We Own and Run.Q. How Long Will a Website Be Listed in the Directory?A. There Is No Time Limit. A Quality Site Will Remain in the Directory for Life.Q. Do You Check for Dead Links within the Directory and Remove Them?A. Yes, from Time to Time, We Will Run a Dead Link Checker and Remove Any Sites That Are No Longer Active.Q. My Site Is Listed in This Directory, but I Want It Removed. Is There a Option to Do This?A. Yes. All You Have To Do Is E-Mail Us with the URL of the Website You Want Removed. You Must E-Mail Us Using an E-Mail Address, Which Is Connected with the Domain Name so We Know It Has Come from the Website Owner and Not Somebody Trying to Abuse the Directory.Q. I’ve Requested to Have My Site Removed from the Directory, How Long Will It Take?A. Generally It Will Only Be a Matter of Days, but Please Allow a Week. You Should Make a Note of the URL That Your Website Is Listed and Check to See If It Gets Removed. If It Doesn’t Please Send Us Another E-Mail.Q. Why Should I Submit My Site to This Directory?A. Any Website Owner Knows It’s Important to Build BackLinks to Their Website As This Will Then Act As Link Juice, Which Will Then Help You Achieve a Better Ranking in Search Engines.Q. Do You Collect E-Mail Addresses or Any Other Details and Send Spam to Them?A. No, Absolutely Not.Q. Do You Send an E-Mail Confirming Whether My Site Has Been Accepted or Rejected?A. No, We Will Not Send You a Confirmation E-Mail. You Should Use the Search Box in the Top Corner to Search the Directory after a Few Weeks after You Have Submitted Your Website to See If It Has Been Accepted. It Doesn’t Appear In the Directory It’s Probably Because You Haven’t Followed the Rules.Q. Do You Allow Website Owners to Submit Multiple Links or Just Their Home Page URL?A. At This Present Time, We Are Only Accepting Links from the Home Page.Q. How Many to DoFollow BackLinks Do You Provide, If My Site Gets Accepted?A. That Depends on How Much Information You Provide. You Will Get One BackLink to Your Site Listed in the Appropriate Category If You Provide the Just the Basic Info. If You Provide More Details, You Will Then Be Given Extra Unique Page, Which Only Lists, Details about Your Website. WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT START LINKING YOU’RE SITES ACROSS MULTIPLE PAGES.Q. My Site Is Listed in the Directory, but I Want to Change the Description. Can I Do This?A. Yes, That Is No Problem. Simply Send an E-Mail from an E-Mail Address, Which Is Associated with the Domain Name with the Appropriate Details. The New Description Must Be within the Rules If They Are Not It Will Not Be Changed.Q. Do You Allow Articles to Be Submitted to the Directory?A. At This Present Moment There Is No Option to Submit Articles But We Might Include This Option Very Soon.Q. I’ve Seen a Site That Is Listed in the Directory, Which Isn’t Very Nice, or Is No Longer Active. Should I Report This to You?A. Please Send an E-Mail To Us of URL Which May Be Breaking the Rules or Is No Longer Active. We Will Then Remove It from the Directory If Necessary.
Web directories are a great way to promote your site and generate traffic. Many people assume that a web directory is the same as a search engine, but the two are completely different. A web directory is only an index of websites organized by topic or category. They are usually managed by people instead of software and are not manipulated by crawlers. A web directory provides a link to your website in your industry or topic category.
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