Is the DP-201 worth it?

Microsoft Azure certifications are extremely popular, as the Azure platform is becoming a critical component of many businesses’ cloud infrastructure. Azure integrates with many other on-prem software solutions. If you want to support modern enterprises using Microsoft software infrastructure, it is important to have Azure skills.
The DP-201 certification is important for professionals who use Azure services like Cosmos DB and Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Data Factory and Azure Stream Analytics. We will explore the details of this cert and decide if it is worth the effort and time required to pass. We will also answer the question that brought us here: Is the DP-201 worthwhile?
What is the DP-201 Exam and what are its benefits?
After obtaining their DP-200 (Implementing a Azure Data Solution) certification, the DP-201 exam is the one most people choose to take. Successful candidates earn their partial Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associated certification by passing the DP-201 exam (Designing and Implementing an Azure Data Solution). The exam tests your knowledge of three core domains. These domains include designing data storage and processing solutions, as well as designing data security and compliance. This exam will help you to become a Microsoft Azure data engineer.
What is the DP-201 test?
This exam’s main focus is on designing an Azure data solution. All objectives are therefore related to this goal. Below are the main objectives.
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Start trainingDesign Azure data storage solutions: 40-45%
Design data processing solutions: 25-30%
Design for data security compliance: 25-30%

Design Azure data storage solutions. This objective requires you to be able to select the right data storage solution for your specific requirements, as well as the type of partition distribution. This section will explain non-relational cloud storage solutions and how they relate with relational and nonrelational design considerations for cloud-based data stores. You will need to be able to understand scale, distribution and Cosmos DB API options, as well as disaster recovery considerations and high availability.
Design data processing solutions. This objective tests your knowledge of batch processing solutions. You can also design batch processing solutions using Azure Databricks and Data Factory. You will need to know the best data ingestion methods for specific batch processing solutions. It is important to understand the location of processing, whether it be at source, destination, or in transit. You must be able to design real-time processing solutions.
Design for compliance and data security. Data handling is not complete without security. It is important to be familiar with secure endpoints and how you can choose the best authentication method for each one. You need to be familiar with Azure AD, shared access signatures, and access keys. You will also need knowledge of data policies and standards such as encryption, auditing, and data privacy.
The DP-201 exam has 40-60 questions. It takes 210 minutes to complete. 180 minutes are dedicated to answering the questions. 30 minutes are available to review questions and answer them.
What experience do you need for the DP-201 exam?
There are no prerequisites for writing the DP-201, but there are some things you should know. It is recommended that you have some experience with Microsoft Azure services. These are all covered in detail, but we will briefly outline the knowledge and experience required to pass the exam.
These fundamentals will make the DP-201 exam Designing an Azure Data Solution much easier. Practical experience is the best.