Is the DP-300 worth it?

There are two types of people in the world: those who are excited by databases and their power and those who don’t yet understand. Database administration isn’t for everyone. But for some, it’s like a playground. You might think you aren’t that type of person, but don’t let it stop you from trying.
Enterprise databases are a valuable resource for companies of all sizes and types. The people who are certified and trained in their administration are highly valued members of their teams. The DP-300 exam is a certifying exam to Microsoft’s relational databases certification. Passing the exam could earn you a spot in a team of creative and curious administrators. Regardless of whether you are a database expert or not, the DP-300 exam is worth your time and money.
What is the DP-300?
To earn the Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Azure Database Administrator Associate, administrator must pass the DP-300 exam. The DP-300 exam is a 120-minute exam that covers 40-60 questions about associate-level database administration. The DP-300 exam is designed to test your knowledge of managing both on-premises and cloud relational database environments, using Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure Data Services.
The Azure Database Administrator Associate (DP-300) certification that you earn after passing the exam is a broad understanding of planning and implementing data platform resources using Microsoft’s data tools. With their ADAA, you can create a secure relational database environment and monitor and optimize operational resources. You can also automate administrative tasks and read and write TSPQL.
Microsoft MTA: Database Fundamentals (98-3644)Related training at SPOTO
Start trainingThe DP-300 covers many topics related to database administration but the expected level of detail isn’t very high. You don’t need to be an expert in database administration to pass the DP-300. A person who passes the DP-300 exam would not be expected to manage whole teams of administrators. They could instead be hired to be a reliable member in a team of administrators who maintain large databases environments running efficiently.
What is the DP300 Exam Test?
The DP-300 exam is the only requirement to earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Database Administrator Associate. The DP-300 exam has seven objectives:
Plan and implement data platform resources
Implement a secure environment
Monitor and optimize your operational resources
Optimize query performance
Automate tasks
Plan and implement a High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR), environment
T-SQL allows you to perform administration

The exam will have approximately 40-60 questions and you’ll only have 120 minutes. The test will be more focused on specific knowledge than ability at the associate level. The DP-300 test will assess your ability to understand and study the “book answer” at the level you are testing for.
How Much Does the DP300 Exam Cost?
The DP-300 exam costs $165, as with all Microsoft associate-level exams. The DP-300 does not require any prerequisites. This means that you will only need $165 to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administration Associate. It is always a good idea for exam candidates to have some training. You might look for training courses online and add that cost to your final price for the DP300.
What experience do you need for the DP-300 exam?
Technically, you are free to take the DP-300 at any time. There are no prerequisites so you can sign up anytime you like and take the exam. The Microsoft Certified: Azure certification is unlike other certifications.