My PMP Journey with WinningPMPlan: Steps to PMP Success

Hello everyone, I’m Mohammed Irfan. I received my PMP certification on 23-Jun-19 with 4AT & 1BT by PMI. I also have engineering degrees from Civil and a MBA in Project management.
First, I want to thank everyone who has contributed in PMP preparations. This includes my seniors Mr. Shariq PMP and Mr. Mudassri IIqbal PMP. Mr. Videyesh PMP and Mr. Tridib Roy PMP.
My mentor, Mrs. Khaleelah PMP, who has really pushed and helped me get started with preparation, is a special thank you.
And I would like extend my gratitude to my studypartners Ahmed PPMP and Khumudha PPMP (PPMP: PotentialPMPā€™s).
I had planned to be a PMP candidate long before, around seven years ago. However, due to many obligations (both professional and personal), and distractions, I was never able get focused or encouraged.
Nevertheless, I was able to focus and get going in the month Mar-19. I planned to appear in the PMP exam in a few months.
Preparation Plan (If it is not planned, you can’t do it)
I found a different strategy that worked for me, and it was not the same strategy as others who recommend reading every day for 3-4 hours. There are 49 processes in PMBOK for all KA. I have therefore planned to complete each process in either a combination of processes (according to content or volume) in each process. E.g. E.g.
Below is my approach to studying
First Go (Rita, PMBOK & Videos).
Each KAfrom Rita was read completely according to my plan. I also gave quick reading KA from pmbok. In pmbok, I was only reading tools & techniques. I completely ignored OPAs & EEFs.
LessonLearn: Should have been reading Inputs &Outputs, EEF, and OPA
Parallel to my reading, I would listen to audios from
After I have finished reading each KA, I solve the chapter end questions from Joseph, Headfirst, and PMI. Then, I would review the incorrect answers from each source.
The above process took me between 45 and 60 days.
I was also a member of a wonderful WhatsApp group.
PMP Aspirants, Mr. Tridib Roy (Group admin)
WinningPMPlan, Mr. Vidyesh, Mrs. Vidhi (Group admin)
PMP Certifications Mr. Mudassir Iqbal, Group admin
Testudaan Mr Sanjay (Group admin)

Although I was unable to fully engage in the WhatsApp groups, I was able to participate on a limited basis.
I completed all the KA in a rush and was even forced to miss some days due to professional & personal obligations. I was also completely absent from PMP books for a week.
Later, I gave the full mocks to Tridib Roy (udemy), Joseph Fahad Usmani, Oliver Lehimen. Scoring was not appealing at any of these (63% to 70%).
I have revised my strategy for the second go

Second Go (Only PMBOK). This approach took me 15-20 days.
I read the pmbok in detail for each KA definition, ITTO’s including EEF andOPA. I highlighted the important points and also wrote the summary text boxes in the pdf.
After reading pmbok, I answered againKA questions from prepcast. Scores were satisfying (76% to 88%)
After completing all KA again, I gave the full mocks from prepcast. Scores were satisfactory (78% to 78.5%)

Note: I use PMBOKguide ref to review all incorrect answers and provide explanations.
(My preparation plan example shown below), download link is also available.
Third Go (Review Only PMBOK), (2 days)
A day beforeexam I just went through the highlighted side notes and side notes that I had during my1stand 2nd go.

LessonLearn: Two days of review would be too many
Sources I have used

Rita forUnderstanding concepts (read once and then refer back to now and then as needed), but I found it difficult to use in my second go preparation.
Headfirst, just for answering questions
PMI questions forsolving questions
Joseph Philips for solving your questions
I have solved questions from various WhatsApp groups that I have mentioned above

Full mocks that I have attempted
Prepcastsimulator (gave 4 full mocks).
Fahad Usmani (pdf format)
Oliver 200questions (pdf format).
Josephphillips (udemy).

Questions I have received in the exam were almost all situational. Many of them asked what PM should do, what PM should avoid, and what PM should do.

Estimates to be used (Analogues and Three point and Bottom).
A couple of questions about agile
Very basic questions about SPI and CPI
Question forTotal flotation
Manyquestions were available for change, with some reaching 50
Have you heard about RAM, RACI& Audits?
Most of thequestions were a combination of processes like SH, Communications and Resources.

To pass the PMP exam, you will need to have a solid understanding of these concepts.

RACI Charts and Resource Calendars