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Home >Submit LinkSubmit LinkTo have your website considered for inclusion into this directory your site must meet the following requirements.Your website has to be of a good quality that offers something unique to its users.Your website must not be a carbon copy of multiple other websites that are already available on the World Wide Web.Your website must not contain or promote violence, racism, animal cruelty, viruses, spyware or anything nasty.Your website must not contain or promote pornographic material.Your website must be in the English-language.If your website meets these requirements then please feel free to submit your website for consideration.Once you click on the submission form button you will be given clear details on how to write a proper description. Please note, if you do not follow these rules then your website will be rejected.
Web directories are a great way to promote your site and generate traffic. Many people assume that a web directory is the same as a search engine, but the two are completely different. A web directory is only an index of websites organized by topic or category. They are usually managed by people instead of software and are not manipulated by crawlers. A web directory provides a link to your website in your industry or topic category.
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