The Stakeholder Management Workshop has opened!

Project management is a people-oriented business. People are what make projects successful. We need people to help us accomplish what they say we will do.
This is why stakeholder engagement has become so important.
What does it look like if stakeholders aren’t involved?
This will sound familiar if you’re not seeing the success you hoped for in building relationships between your project stakeholders.
You don’t have time for your stakeholder
Conflicting priorities can stress you out.
Because no one is willing to commit to anything, your projects will take longer.
People say they should have been involved in the project, and you are blindsided.
The end stakeholders are not happy with the results.

Believe me, it’s happened! Do you remember my story about how I forgot to include the post office staff as stakeholders in a project that significantly increased the mail coming into the post office? It’s enough to say that I was not popular that day.
I gained a lot of knowledge from the experience. And I will never forget my stakeholders.
It’s much easier to build successful stakeholder relationships when you have the right tools, techniques, and tactics.
You are able to gain authority and credibility. You are heard by your colleagues and stakeholders. People begin to tell you things that affect your project. You have a clear engagement strategy. Everything starts to come together.
Let me help you build great working relationships with your stakeholders
In November 2019, I will be running a workshop on stakeholder management.
It’s practical and hands-on. Once a week, we’ll have a brief teaching call where we’ll discuss something you can do to improve stakeholder engagement. We’ll then have a Q&Acall once a week where you can ask questions or join me live.
There will be plenty of support if you need it.
Here’s the timetable. All calls will be recorded so that even if you are unable to show up live, you will still have access.
We’ll be covering the following:
Week 1
Stakeholder identification. You will create a stakeholder register and assess. You will learn about the opinions and concerns of your stakeholders.
Week 2
We will create a communication plan for you and your stakeholders.
Week 3
You will move from communication to engagement. We’ll discuss how to create feedback loops and how we can ‘gamify’ stakeholder engagement. You’ll end up with a list of ideas to try to encourageparticipation in your team, and an action plan to do (at least) one.
This week is what I look forward to the most! I have tons of ideas for creating micro-engagements within your team, and I’ve never taught it before! Can’t wait!
Week 4
Stakeholder satisfaction is an important part of the solution. This week, we’ll be looking at engagement. A template will be provided to help you assess satisfaction each month. This will allow you to keep doing the things that work and stop doing the things that don’t get you results with stakeholders.
It’s $100. It’s $100. I think it’s an amazing value for the teaching, templates, and support. You can sign up here if you’d like.
I’m in! Stakeholder management can be messy and difficult. There is no magic bullet that will make all your problems disappear. If your project sponsor is horrible to work with, theyprobably still will be horrible, even if you’ve got amazing stakeholderengagement skills. You’ll be able to manage their difficult behavior better, but that’s not what will make it any different.
I will teach you how to do this through the stakeholder workshop. We will be figuring out who you need to include, how to communicate with them and engage them, as well as how to create feedback loops to help you understand what is most important to them.
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